Commercial Piles

Commercial Piles

Pretech is proud to offer hydraulically driven pile installation services for your commercial projects. Our team of experts is here to provide you with a fast, efficient installation that guarantees a solid foundation for your building.

Commercial Piles
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Why Opt for Driven Piles for Commercial Applications?

For the commercial sector, piling is done during construction to stabilize the building. The commercial pile is therefore installed directly into the foundation footings to ensure foolproof sturdiness.

Driven piles are a common method of foundation for commercial buildings for several reasons:

  • Prevent future subsidence risks.
  • Avoids costly repairs after the fact.
  • Guarantees a solid, stable foundation that resists soil movement and erosion.
  • Enables fast, efficient installation, considerably reducing construction time.
  • Driven piles are suitable for hard soils and heavy loads, making them ideal for commercial buildings that often bear substantial loads.

At Pretech, we exclusively use hydraulic-driven piles, ensuring the utmost stability for commercial projects.

Piles installed directly in the foundation footing.

Why Choose Pretech?

  • We only use driven piles, offering you the best possible product and the only one that proves reliable over the long term.
  • We have a dedicated engineering team working on all our projects.
  • Our commercial piling capacity is unmatched.
  • We have high-capacity large-sized piles for your most ambitious projects.
  • Our state-of-the-art equipment produces virtually no vibration, between 2 and 5 mm/second, compared with 25 mm/second for our competitors.
  • Our extensive inventory enables us to quickly deliver the materials needed for commercial building construction.
  • Thanks to our unique patented mechanical joint, we ensure faster installation (up to 5 times faster than our competitors) and exceptional stability.

Our team of passionate experts is ready to meet all your needs when it comes to installing hydraulically driven piles for your commercial projects.

When you choose Pretech, you can be sure that your commercial construction project will be carried out competently and on schedule. The use of piles in the commercial sector ensures a solid, stable foundation, tailored to your project.

We are available to serve you in Quebec and Ontario, and look forward to working with you on your commercial project.

Contact us today for a free consultation and find out how Pretech can help you build a strong, durable commercial building.

A Unique Approach at Pretech

The installation of hydraulically driven piles is an innovative and efficient method used for the safe and rapid foundation of commercial buildings.

Here's our process, from quote to project completion:
  1. Free quotation and engineering plan: a unique step at Pretech, which guarantees you the price, a service you won't find anywhere else.
  2. Site preparation: removal of all vegetation and debris.
  3. Pile positioning according to construction plans.
  4. Pile installation using a hydraulic hammer to drive the pile into the ground.
  5. Injection of concrete into the pile as it descends, consolidating the soil around the pile.
  6. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until the desired depth is reached.
  7. Construction of your foundation, if required, with the option of having your project turnkey.

Our piling process is not only fast and efficient, it also significantly reduces construction time.

What's more, our method guarantees precise, solid pile installation that can withstand soil movement and erosion, giving you a durable, quality construction.


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