Residential Piles

Residential Piles

The Pretech team is an expert in installing hydraulically driven residential piles. We pride ourselves on providing fast, expert, quality service! We're the best in the business, and our unique process ensures your home's stability for years to come.

Residential Piles
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Why Use Residential Driven Piles?

Installing residential piles during the construction of your home is advantageous:

  • Prevent future subsidence risks.
  • Easier and cheaper than repairing after the fact.

At Pretech, we use only hydraulically driven piles to ensure the best possible stability for your residential projects. Why driven piles? Driven piles are necessary to support the weight of a residential building, especially in clay soils. Driven piles are the only truly reliable choice.

Installation of foundation piles for a house

Why Choose Pretech?

  • We offer the best residential driven pile installation services in Quebec and Ontario.
  • Our equipment is designed to produce zero vibration (2-5 mm/second vs. 25 mm/second for the competition).
  • Our impressive inventory enables us to deliver the piles for a complete new housing development in record time.
  • Our unique patented mechanical joint, which ensures exceptional stability and faster installation, enables us to be 5 times faster than our competitors.

We're passionate about what we do, and we're committed to providing superior service to all our customers. Our team of experts is ready to meet all your residential pile installation needs.

When you choose Pretech, you can be sure that your project will be carried out expertly and on time.

Our services are available in Quebec and Ontario, and we look forward to helping you realize your residential construction project with confidence.

Contact us today for a free consultation and learn how Pretech can help you build the home of your dreams!

A process unique to Pretech

The installation of hydraulically driven piles is an innovative and effective method for founding buildings quickly and safely.

‍Here's our operating process, from quote to project completion:

1. First, an engineering plan is supplied with your quotation. This step, unique to Pretech, is free of charge and guarantees the price. It's a service you won't get anywhere else! Generally speaking, contractors quote with a reserve for the depth and number of piles required. The final price can be light-years ahead of the initial price! At Pretech, on the other hand, since part of the engineering work is done at the time of bidding, your price is exact and won't change along the way.

2. Once the quote is accepted, the site is prepared by removing all vegetation and debris. The piles are then positioned according to the construction plans. Piles are hollow, reinforced steel tubes filled with concrete to give them rock-solid strength.

3. Now comes the actual installation! Hydraulically driven piles are installed using a hydraulic hammer, which drives the pile into the ground. Concrete is injected into the pile as it descends, consolidating the soil around it.

Our piling process is fast and efficient, considerably reducing construction time. And best of all, the hydraulically driven method ensures precise, solid pile installation that resists soil movement and erosion.

Installing hydraulically driven piles is an innovative method that guarantees a solid foundation for your building.

Afterwards, if need be, Pretech has the expertise to help you with the foundation and the rest of the project. Free your mind with Pretech! We take care of everything with our turnkey project services.

So go ahead and choose Pretech for your construction project!


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