July 18, 2023

The Secret to Stable Industrial Building Foundations

See how you can stabilize the foundations of your industrial building to ensure optimum performance of your machine tools.

The Secret to Stable Industrial Building Foundations

The Secret to Stable Industrial Building Foundations

Industrial buildings house heavy equipment and precision machinery essential for production activities. Establishing appropriate foundations is crucial to ensure their stability, performance, and safety.

This is why stabilizing and reinforcing industrial building foundations is of paramount importance.

Industrial Building Foundations

Similar to commercial buildings or houses, soil condition is a fundamental aspect of industrial building foundations. What primarily differentiates industrial buildings is the weight the foundations will need to support.

Industrial buildings are typically constructed on a concrete slab foundation. The industrial concrete slab is specially designed to withstand loads, impacts, chemicals, temperature changes, and vibrations.

The Preferred Option: Interior Piles

Interior piles are the best way to stabilize a concrete slab. Interior pile foundations in industrial buildings are comparable to isolating machines on individual islands. Each machine sits on its own slab supported by piles that act as solid foundations.

It is possible and recommended to install piles to stabilize specific strategic areas. This is particularly advantageous for CNC machines (Computer Numerical Control).

Piles also reduce vibrations and dampen shocks, optimizing machine performance. Foundation stabilization through piles also reduces noise by providing better sound insulation.

industrial interior piling

Advantages of Interior Piles for Industrial Buildings

- Stabilization of Machine Tools and Industrial Equipment

Machine tools, industrial equipment, and CNCs require optimal stability to operate precisely and reliably. Undesirable vibrations can not only affect machine performance but also impact the quality of the finished products. Given the industries in which these parts are used, exceptional precision is required. This is why stabilizing machine tools is essential.

It is possible to create a solid base that absorbs vibrations, reduces noise, and prevents unwanted resonances by using interior piles. These anti-vibration solutions enhance the structural stability of industrial buildings, ensuring the optimal performance of machine tools.

- Reinforcement of Slabs and Floors for Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment such as presses, laser cutting machines, and automated production lines exert a considerable load on the slabs and floors of industrial buildings. It is necessary to reinforce these foundation elements to avoid deformations, sinking, and structural issues.

Interior piles provide an effective solution by transferring the load from heavy equipment to more resistant soil layers, evenly distributing the weight. This helps prevent damage, improve the safety of industrial facilities, and ensure long-term durability.

- Acoustic Insulation and Vibration Prevention

Excessive vibrations and noise can cause disruptions in the industrial environment, affecting workers’ health, measurement accuracy, and product quality.

Foundations with interior piles enable acoustic isolation of industrial equipment, reducing noise and vibrations transmitted to surrounding structures. This vibration isolation helps create a more comfortable working environment, improves machine precision, and minimizes the risk of premature failure.

Opt for Stability

In the industrial sector, building stability, performance, and safety are of crucial importance. Foundations with interior piles offer stabilization and reinforcement solutions that meet the specific needs of heavy equipment and precision machinery. These systems ensure optimal machine tool performance and enhanced industrial facility safety.

Investing in the right foundations is essential for the sustainability and success of industrial operations. Contact us for advice and customized solutions for your industrial foundations.

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